Formula Hybrid-MB simulatore F1


Highly customizable dynamic simulator with real size. It mounts professional driving peripheral and it features our exclusive technologies. Thanks to the dynamic suspensions system and to the active steering, which allows the driver to move the simulator's wheels together with the virtual ones, it is able to entertain both the audience and the driver thanks to it realistic movements.

Formula 3/4 simulatore F1


Accurate replica of a 3/4 body, the simulator features dynamic suspensions at the read end. The lack of front wheels and wing makes it perfect to be coupled with a three big screens where to reproduce the action on the track showing only suspensions and wheels, giving the impression to be in front of a complete one seat wheeler.

Half Cockpit simulatore F1


Simulator with limited size, accurate replica of half one seat wheeler body. It is the ideal solution for venues with limites space which want to offer an entertainment able to let customers feel inside of a real racing single seater. The Half Cockpit mounts all the peripherals available on the bigger cars, included the advanced motion system.

Formula Home simulatore F1


Simulator aimed to the private audience. It can be easily placed in a domestic environment thanks to its small size. The bucket seat reproduces the driving position of a real driver, allowing you to have an incredibly realistic driving experience. The simulator can be customised with different kinds of peripherals, so to keep costs under control.


We therefore aimed to specialize in the creation of a F1 car show with high technological content, applying it to the world of entertainment in all its aspects, from the production and sale of the mortgage to the possibility of charter companies that want to make their events unique.

Thanks to the companies that have expressed confidence the Barbuto Show Car in wanting to make their unique and exclusive events with the hire of the simulator formula1, it was possible to acquire an increasingly difficult to find a format optimized with other types of products.

Barbuto Show Car, manufacture, sales and rentals for events, F1 simulators professional.

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