Barbuto Showcar offers the possibility to rent its own Formula 1 simulators for events and shows whose duration may vary. The F1 simulator is an opportunity to entertain your guests or to organize events based on promoting your brand, catching enthusiasts' and attendees' attention. The driving sensations provided by Barbuto Showcar simulators will engage each virtual driver, pushing them to come back and try again to improve laptimes.
The rental will give the opportunity to the business owner to test the audience interest toward this commercial activity, limiting risks at maximum. Contact us for a dedicated quotation!

Noleggio breve simulatore F1


Barbuto Showcar offers the simulator rental service for events or shows which last for a short period. Our staff will be present on site during the whole event and will handle each aspect of the driving experience, receiving customers and let them sit inside of the Formula 1 simulator, explaining them the basic commands for driving. It is possible to arrange tournaments with prizes thanks to the presence of a leaderboard for the best laptimes, which encourages the customer to come back and improve the driving performance.
Each driving session has a duration and a cost decided by the event owner: Barbuto Showcar remains at your disposal to offer suggestions on the best formula to apply depending on the event type, both for public shows and private events.


The mid term Formula 1 simulator rental is intended for a duration of 3 moths. This solution is ideal for those who want to offer this kind of entertainment to the customers in certain seasons, especially during the Summer. Barbuto Showcar will take care of the simulator delivery and of staff training, so to provide the basic informations on how to start a driving session and handling the simulator in general.
The availability of many driving aids which can be enabled by the personnel allows the customer to have a progressive approach to the driving experience, without the risk of feeling frustrated by the difficulty of it if this is the first time on a Formula 1 simulator.

Noleggio medio simulatore F1

Noleggio lungo simulatore F1


The long term simulator rental's format lasts six (6) months. This type of rental is aimed at those commcercial activities which are open all year long with a strong customers' base who is passionate about racing. The Formula 1 simulator offers the possibility to entertain customers in always new tournaments, thanks to the possibility to race on the most famous motorsport tracks, especially while the real event is taking place. With this formula it will be possible to let the virtual driver "grow", so to start with an easier driving experience thanks to the available driving aids and reach the point where he/she is able to drive without any external help, interacting with car's setup too.
At the end of the rental period it is possible to decide whether to purchase the simulator  deducting the rental's price from the simulator's cost.

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