Formula 1 dynamic simulator

Formula Hybrid MB simulator description


The Formula Hybrid-MB Formula 1 simulator was born as a connecting point between the machines of the previous generation and the ones of the current one, deeply revised because of the changes in the technical regulations. These changes let us develop a highly customizable simulator, which maintains unaltered the Barbuto ShowCar spirit, which aims to reach the excellence not only in terms of the chassis' shape, but also in its functionalities. The Formula Hybrid-MB is the perfect solution for entertainment centres and for professionals who want to catch customers' attention with a simulator unique in its genre.

Formula Hybrid-MB simulator technology


The simulator mounts the exclusive technologies developed internally during the years thanks to the experience gained in the automotive world. The Dynamic Suspension System allows the one seat wheeler rear end to reproduce roll and yaw like a real race car, moving up and down in real time using the telemetry data received from car that is being currently driven. The Real Steering System (which can be optionally added to the base configuration of the car) lets the driver turn the simulator's wheels together with the ones of the virtual car. Making use of ultralight wheels this system does not interfere with the performance of the steering wheel while driving.

Formula Hybrid-MB simulator peripherals


Barbuto ShowCar takes advantage of the D-Box motion system to offer the most realistic movements from the car, both for the driver and for the audience. Available in different travels and formats (respectively 1,5" or 3", 2 or 3 actuators), it is compatible with all the most important simulation softwares available on the market. Driving peripherals are selected from the best manufacturers, so to grant a realistic experience both in terms of feeling on the steering wheel and during the acceleration and braking process. The high performance computer allows to always have the best visual performance while using a virtual reality visor or a triple screen configuration.

Formula Hybrid MB simulator customisation


From the color to the functionalities, from the wings to the materials, the simulator is studied to be a "hybrid" not only in its name, but also in reality. The customer can choose between different aspects that will be added to the features already present on the car. The rear wing is available in two versiones: standard, narrower and linear, similar to the one seat wheelers of the recent past, or updated, with a much more aggressive shape that reminds to the technical regulations of the latest seasons. The bottom and the bucket seat, instead, can be realized in real carbon fibre, so to let the driver enter the cockpit even better thanks to the minor resistence offered by this material.

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