Formula 1 simulator

Formula Home simulator description


The Formula 1 Half Cockpit simulator was developed is aimed to the private customers. Its unique shape immediately reminds a real Formula 1 single seater and the driving position lets you feel like in a race cockpit. The lack of air vents on the sides makes it easy to place the simulator in a domestic environment, where you can use your own peripherals or the ones provided by Barbuto Showcar. If you always dreamed to drive a Formula 1 car, the Formula Home simulator is the ideal solution to go on the race track without leaving home.

Formula Home simulator technology


The simulator is entirely built in fiberglass, with a self supporting monocoque and an internal structure made of aluminum. The rear side can host the central unit which handles the car's movements in case you are interested in adding this system to the simulator. In order to let drivers of different heights sit in the cockpit, the front end contains an engine which is able to move pedals forward or backward through a remote control available inside of the cockpit. If requested it is possible to build both the bucket seat and the bottom plate in real carbon fibre.

Half Cockpit simulator peripherals


Barbuto ShowCar takes advantage of the D-Box motion system to offer the most realistic movements from the car, both for the driver and for the audience. Available in different travels and formats (respectively 1,5" or 3", 2 or 3 actuators), it is compatible with all the most important simulation softwares available on the market. Driving peripherals are selected from the best manufacturers, so to grant a realistic experience both in terms of feeling on the steering wheel and during the acceleration and braking process. The high performance computer allows to always have the best visual performance while using a virtual reality visor or a triple screen configuration.

Half Cockpit simulator customisation


The chassis can be painted with the favourite customer's colors. This will let you have a car that reproduces the base color of your company and let you free to apply your own sponsors. It is also possible to have simulators that reminds the most famous racing teams so to satisfy fans of each of them. In order to grant an even more racing look it is possible to have the bottom plate and the bucket seat made of carbon fibre: this will increase the simulator's value and it will also improve the ease of use, allowing the driver to enter more easily inside of the cockpit. We remain at your complete disposal for any request you might have in regards to the car's customisation.

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